International Couples day – How to celebrate it?

History behind the International Couples day

National Valentine’s Day was first established in 2012 by the National Dating Violence Awareness Month organization. The day was established to spread awareness about dating violence and celebrate healthy relationships. Each year, the organization asks people to stand up against dating violence and celebrate all forms of love.

5 Incredible Ideas to Celebrate International Couples Day

1-A stroll down memory lane

What better way to celebrate National Couple’s Day than looking through old photos with your partner?

Open your closet, grab an old shoebox full of photos, and you’re ready to see how cute you’ve been—and laugh about what each of you thinks is fashionable. Or, you know, scroll to the end of your camera roll.

5 Dating Ideas to Celebrate National Valentine’s Day: The man plants a kiss on his girlfriend’s cheek as they drink coffee together.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can celebrate National Valentine’s Day by posting a few photos of you and your partner on Instagram. Snap some new photos with our limited-edition signature camera.

2—Create a “mix tape” with each other

Remember back in the day, the best way to tell what other people meant to you was with that burning CD you bought from Circuit City, full of song collections that reminded you of them? Let’s relive that feeling!

5 Date Ideas to Celebrate National Valentine’s Day: Couples share a laugh while hanging out at a record store.

Jump on your favorite music streaming platform and create a “mixtape” for each other’s National Couples Festival to remind you of their relationship with you. Mix popular songs you played while you were together, old loves, and new songs you’ve recently fallen in love with. Try planning a playlist.

3-Visit the arcade and play together

This National Valentine’s Day, tap into your inner child and roll the coins for some fun contests. Play some racing games, compete in air hockey, win some tickets, and win a cute little prize to take home.

5 dating ideas to celebrate National Couple’s Day: Older couple sharing a kiss while sitting on a motorcycle in a video game town.

Before you leave, hop into the photo studio together and take some cute photos. If you kiss each other, you’ll be rewarded!

4-Afternoon Delight

International Couples day - How to celebrate it?
International Couples day – How to celebrate it?

No, it’s not what you think. Meet your partner for lunch at a local park. Even if the weather isn’t bad, bring a picnic or picnic and relax in the sun.

5 Date Ideas to Celebrate National Couples Day: Couples use their beer to share a toast during a picnic date.

Try your best to be in the moment and focus on your partner and nature. If you have time, you can play a game of iSpy, or bring a deck of playing cards and play fishing.

5-A Q&A night

This National Valentine’s Day, take a moment to read our collection of conversation starters and questions with your partner. We have 93 meaningful questions for you and your partner to answer.

5 Date Ideas to Celebrate National Couples Day: Couples share laughs on a casual date in the back of a pickup truck

Whether you’ve been together for years or months, it’s very likely that you’ve never asked these questions before. If you asked, it’s time to see if the answers are still the same. Want to make it more interesting? Give each other something to eat after each question, or take a sip of your favorite sparkling drink and turn it into a game!

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